Who We Are

Our Story

In 1946, a few folks started gathering together to worship God underneath a tree. This was the beginning of what is now Faith Baptist Church. The hope in that day was to see the community reached with the gospel. That hope has not wavered, even through changes in leadership, ebbs and flows in membership, and vast amounts of growth to our area. We still long to see a movement of God transform our community today!

Our Mission

We believe the mission of the Church is outlined for us in the Bible. Simply put, we exist to bring God glory by making disciples.

Our Values

God-Centered Passion
God is in the center of all that we do. We desire to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
Biblical Faithfulness
We believe the Bible is the Word of God. As such, it has ultimate authority in our lives. This means that we do not amend the Bible to fit our current cultural moment. Rather, we look to the unchanging Word of God for principles and guidance for how to live faithfully in the times in which we find ourselves. At Faith, we desire to be faithful to God in every way through right interpretation and appropriate application of the text of Scripture.
Sacrificial Community
Our fellowship is based upon loving others as ourselves. This means we consider the interests of others before our own. Christ came to serve, not to be served. We want to make every effort to have that same attitude.
Compassionate Acceptance
When we were lost and without hope, Christ expressed His love and compassion for us by dying in our place and receiving those who believe in Him into His kingdom. We want to  have this kind of compassion on all people, understanding that while God does not keep us where we are, He receives us, in Christ, just as we are.